Student Material Pick-Up/Drop-Off – This Friday!

This Friday May 22nd we will hold a pick-up and drop off for student items. At this event students will drop off items that belong to the school (library books, classroom materials and books, etc) and pick up student belongings (desk contents, awards and report cards). Because many families have more than one child, we will divide pick up by LAST NAME instead of grade level. Please come at your assigned time:

9:30-10:30am – A-C

10:30 – 11:30am – D-K

11:30 – 12:30pm – L -R

12:30 – 1:30pm – S-Z

Families will come to the BACK PARKING LOT by traveling north on Yorkchester. Please create a “carpool style” pick up line and move through the line as directed by staff. Please do not cut into the line from Britoak.

Please have your CHILD’s NAME on a large piece of paper to assist us getting your bag quickly and efficiently.

Stop 1: BAG PICK UP – drive up to the next available cone and roll down a window or pop your trunk to allow us to place your student bag(s) in your car.

Stop 2: ITEM DROP OFF – Please have all items to be returned to the school in a bag that you can hand out from your window. Please write the teacher name/grade level on the bag.

Once you have picked up, and dropped off, you are on your way. EVERYONE MUST STAY IN THEIR VEHICLES and are asked to wear masks when interacting with the staff. We are eager to see everyone, but this process needs to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please understand this is not a time to stop and visit.