We Love our Outgoing 5th Grade Moms!

Each year at our PTA Spring Style Show and Luncheon, we take time in our celebration of the past school year to honor our Outgoing 5th Grade moms (meaning their last child is graduating from WCE). We were so disappointed to not be able to host the Spring Style Show and Luncheon this year, so instead we invited them to provide photos and Words of Wisdom, which are usually all part of the luncheon program, and we compiled them into a fantastic video to honor this amazing group of moms.

We hope you enjoy this video made in their honor, and take the time to listen to their sage advice!

Please know that each of you will be incredibly missed and Wilchester is so thankful for all the time, energy, money and support you have given over the years. We love you all!

Click Here to View the Video